Info Partnership with Active Anticheat

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the leading resource, Active Anticheat, specializing in protection against bot programs, clickers, and additional modules for the game client that enhance the experience for both you and the players!

When you purchase Active Anticheat for our product, you will also receive a $50 discount.

Here's a brief overview of the features of Active Anticheat:
1) Best protection against bots, including private and premium versions.
2) Window limitation.
3) HWID spoofing protection.
4) Virtual machine protection.
5) File hash protection for client files, preventing players from modifying them (e.g., interface files).
6) Encryption of any game files.
7) Integration with Discord to attract new players!
8) Additional plugins:
- Window with saved player logins/passwords. Players no longer need to enter them every time!
- HWID sending to the game server.
- Game window optimizer for quick switching.
- Background FPS adjustment.
- Window name customization in the format "%character_name% - %server_name%".
- Ctrl+C/V permission.
- Login and password saving (for Interlude -> High Five).
- Launching the browser via server packets.
- Launching interface events via server packets.
- Interlude: fixing a known game bug (History: UpdateAnimation <- AActor::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop).
- Interlude: debuff feature.
9) All of this is available without modifying the game server code (some plugins may require minor changes).

Take note of newest plugin, which is highly useful:
to point out something that I was not aware of so that if you are thinking of buying keep that in mind.
if for example you buy a key number for 300 dollars and open the server and for some reason then you take a long break for example a year know that you will have to pay for the whole time you were still down.

I wrote this just to protect those who don't notice this point "that says it doesn't matter if your server is down."


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apontar algo que eu não sabia para que se você estiver pensando em comprar tenha isso em mente.
se por exemplo você comprar um número chave por 300 dólares e abrir o servidor e por algum motivo você fizer uma longa pausa por exemplo um ano saiba que terá que pagar por todo o tempo que ainda esteve inativo.

Escrevi isso apenas para proteger aqueles que não percebem esse ponto " que diz que não importa se o seu servidor está inoperante".
It really doesn't make sense, so if I sign up for a subscription and then cancel it and after a year I want to activate it again, will I have to pay all that time to get the activation?
I’m also leaving AA, tell me, by analogy, who uses what?
Clearly, if you want to have a successful server, there aren't any other options.
Smart Guard is not bad, but the owner doesn't care for its customers. At least AAC is very responsive and helpful.
Anyway, if you dont want to pay the subscription all the time, that means your server is down (failed?)