How to add the Rune on SP/EXP/Drop for Interlude to the server


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How to add the Rune on SP/EXP/ for Interlude to the server like on Gracia Final or HF

For addition the fleece needs to bring the skill interesting you in to data/stat/skills
<skill id="90004" levels="1" name="Rune of SP 50%" >
Description: Acquired SP increase by 50%.
<set name="icon" val="br_cashtex.skill.br_cash_rune_of_sp_buff_3" />
<set name="magicLevel" val="1" />
<set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" />
<set name="skillType" val="BUFF" />
<set name="operateType" val="OP_PASSIVE" />
<mul order="0x30" stat="SpMultiplier" val="1.5" />
This skill will give boost SP + 50% stat - SpMultiplier
For addition of a EXP multiplier stat - ExpMultiplier
For addition of a drop multiplier - DropMultiplier
To add a stat drop multiplier - ItemDropMultiplier
To add adena stat multiplier stat - AdenaDropMultiplier
To add multiplier spoil stat - SpoilDropMultiplier
For Bonus to enchant items - EnchantBonusMultiplier

The following step it is necessary to add the item (data/items) to which we will attach the skill interesting us:

<etcitem id="9201" name="Rune of SP : 50%" add_name="5 hour limited time">
<set name="class" value="OTHER"/>
<set name="crystal_type" value="NONE"/>
<set name="dropable" value="false"/>
<set name="durability" value="300"/> - we specify time in this floor action of a rune - in our example it is 5 hours. 300 minutes.
<set name="icon" value="br_cashtex.item.br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00"/>
<set name="temporal" value="true"/> - also we don't forget to specify that it is temporary ity.
<set name="tradeable" value="false"/>
<set name="type" value="RUNE"/> - Item type
<set name="weight" value="120"/> - Item weight
<skill id="90004" level="1"/>

finally you need to add all these skills and items in game client. If you don't make it, instead of objects black squares in a game will be displayed.

Client items for modification:

Patch link
Included is Exp/Sp/Drop to default pack ID is 9210 9211 9212 9213 9214 9215
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