How to set Epic or RB dead for server start


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Tables in which data with respawn are located:
raidboss_status - for standard raids such as Queen Ant, Zaken, Orfen, Core and so regular world raids.
epic_boss_spawn - for grand bosses from the series Baium, Antaras, Valakas.

To set respawn in the raidboss_status table, just set them to add and set the time, consider the example of Queen Ant:
INSERT INTO `raidboss_status` (`id`, `current_hp`, `current_mp`, `respawn_delay`) VALUES (29001, 0, 0, 1544566860);
In the respawn_delay field we put the date the necessary date for the spawn in Unix TimeStamp format, for this you can use the resource

To set respawn in the epic_boss_spawn table, just place the necessary spawn date in the `respawnDate` field using and set the value in the` state` field to 3.
On the example of Baium, it will visually look like this:

Also, all these manipulations are best done on the off game server.