Rev.4951 Classic/Legacy [EN]


Head Developer
Staff member
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to PvP event configuration
  • ATTENTION! Items have been extracted from the code and actions for the items have been implemented.
  • Added separation of drop type and button in rewardlist_info.htm Available filters: RATED_GROUPED, NOT_RATED_GROUPED, NOT_RATED_NOT_GROUPED, SWEEP
  • Implemented a system of Lucky Stones for enchant
  • Expanded functionality of enchant stones
  • Fix MCrit system message
  • rework //pvpevent command
  • Added an option for enchant scrolls that allows you to sharpen to a random enchant from increment="" is min level and to increment_max="" max level
  • Fix double consume enchant scrolls
  • Now you can insert enchantment scrolls if you have run out of blessed ones - you can insert regular ones without closing the enchantment window
  • Impl Master Of Enchanting event
  • Added config for min enchant level at Excalibur event
  • Correction description for reward at Excalibur event
  • Fixed a bug where the event would still start on time even if it was turned off
  • Made event activation more flexible and more informative and added foolproofing
  • Ru localization for books
  • Cleaned up the code for the player, preparing for the implementation of a new zone types
  • The logic of zones with the no_restart type has been completely redesigned
  • Redesigned admin function for server information
  • Baium's logic put into official form
  • Cleaned up the player code from illogical code when working with zones and moved it to a logical place
  • Archangel have agro range 2000
  • Config for adding bypasses without obfuscation
  • Added VIP system
  • Added skills, items, rewards, VIP scrolls
  • Added an example with VIP items and VIP rewards to prime_shop.xml
  • Added admin command for VIP poits Usage: //add_vip_points count <target>
  • Added lost skill for VIP scroll
  • Move from PTS quests Magical Power of Water - Part 1 and Magical Power of Water - Part 2