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Finalized version 1.5 full update
Working on 1.6 update of the topsites, new topsites will be added and some will be removed
  • Version 1.5
    • Update VDS Mobius projects to the latest public git
      • Refactor PlayerInstance to Player
      • Refactor Item to ItemTemplate
      • Refactor datatables to data
      • Refactor #getIpAddress() to #getIp()
      • Refactor on Donation is now item delivery manager
      • Formatting on configuration class
      • Commended out Fake Player checks (left for those who want them)
      • Commended out HWID for C6 and C4 for other projects MAC address is used (left for those who want them)
      • Replaced old SQL in utilities
      • #toAllOnlinePlayers() removed boolean
      • Reworked #localIp()
    • Updated Date on license,
    • Updated info
    • Correct Set Functions
    • Change int to long on check delay configs
    • Corrected l2world function players for some projects
    • Updated aCis version from 394 to 401
    • Refactored aCis StatsSet to StatSet
    • Removed unused imports
    • Added Lisvus use JDK 11 rev 728 and JDK 17 latest
    • Project removed old modules, libraries and artifacts
    • Added new modules, libraries and artifacts for mobius projects
    • Updated project to JDK 17
    • Updated root project to JDK 17
    • Formatting on Configuration, Global classes
    • Refactor itopz.com to hopzone.eu

Version 1.6 is released
League Of Legends Queen GIF by 100 Thieves

  • Version 1.6
    • Refactor Config for item delivery manager
    • Update SQL enum in vds_* tables for new topsites
    • Update millisecondsFromString() will print ServerTime and TimeZone on Gui
    • Update getMyIP() ip check with SSL
    • Added HOPZONE.EU topsite
      • Added Individual URL
      • Added global URL
      • Added URL generation to fix IPv6 voter problem
    • Added HOTSERVERS.ORG topsite
      • Added Individual URL
      • Added global URL
    • Removed L2TOPSERVERS.COM
    • Refactor for Hopzone into Hopzone Net
    • Updated discord invitation
    • Updated GitHub URL
    • Added DenArt Designs panel URLs
    • Fix checking array length to avoid possible errors when checking for json
    • Added Gui Messages for website connection failures
    • Added .vote command
      • Window open showing the enabled vote commands
      • Shows player IP Address
      • Ignores Flood protection
    • Split individual response on connection Execution method to implement the new way of IPv6 method fix
    • GenerateVoteURL method will create a new url for player to vote
      • Currently only new hopzone supports this
      • New custom message on vote failure for the generated URL

Note: This update finds L2JBrasil with broken Global API. (yes they broke it)
Note: This update implements a new way for IPv6 players to get their reward
Note: The new implementation works only on Hopzone right now.
Note: The new Implementation is not up to this system in order to work but each topsite.

TODO: Old lineage 2 clients don't support URL open in browser for players by default so its up to you to open the generated URL's on those chronicles with exception to Lucera that does that by default. There are code hints on where you should do that notably VoteCMD.java, these functions are also provided by some client protections like smartguard, sguard, and strixguard.