Sell Some elements that may be useful to you


WTS> Fafurion maps + geodata + spawns + Boss in the map and the utx map + fafurions with the skills (no include the quest/teleports quest/doors). -> 90USD full//// 15USD only the map with geodata (two unr files + geo l2g/l2j/l2off). -> UPDAPTING
WTS> Chance skin of the race without affect the base of your main class, you can convert in orc and you main base is elf. -> 40USD
WTS> Full fixed lucera classic client (bosses, zones, maps dugueons/catas/necros) -> UPDAPTING
WTS> C4 SKILLS + map without primeval island + geodata + utx for the map + buffer with only c4 skills. -> UPDAPTING
WTS> Talking Island + geodata + spawns + zone without pvp (not deleted the elven ruins, you can go with cords) -> UPDAPTING
WTS> System chance skin like L2Sudamerica for weapons/armors/shields (5 secs trial, the weapon appear when you equip the weapon, if you equiped the bow, appear bow skin, if you equip mage, appear the sword skin -> -> UPDAPTING
WTS> System of change appareance using the Deazer tutorial, 90 skins with the transformation + icon + equipable for tranding with others players. -> 15USD
WTS> All weapons/mounts from Black Desert for Lucera Classic. -> 10/5USD per item (weapon/npc)


Buffer + GK like L2Gold style for Lucera Client Classic. IL buffs version and C4 buff version. The buffer contain the scheme buff option (using the config from the retail of lucera classic) -> 30USD

Sytem for spawn boss with item -> 10USD

Services for create one NPC/character/weapon from any game like BlackDesert/ps3 games/ps4 games/ps5 games/other games and MMO's
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what locs have you fixed including the cata/necros?
All castles, normally 4 or 5 castles not inform the data, some lvl areas, the level of some zones are wrong, then some ids of the raid bosses are wrong, that is to say, if baium dies for example, another one appears dead and not the one that has to be. Then, there is the option of the boss fafurion, but in case you want to add the map, you can add the option to appear as a green/white icon, and then the maps of the catas/necros, are remodeled with ai, I grabbed several from google, with ai I was reforming them in the same style so that it does not look like anything seen in other servers.

pd: the peaceful zones, not fixed, it is difficult to find out which areas are right or wrongly placed