Update Rev.13036


Head Developer
Staff member
  • Added the ability for players without a clan to enter the restricted area https://lucera2.com/threads/how-to-...er-of-members-of-the-clan-antizerg-zone.1640/
  • Full rework System Messages - rework absolutely all. If you find any problem, report it IMMEDIATELY
  • Move out all the text that I found from the code in strings
  • Correct call to buy PA from CB
  • Correction for Secret Buried In The Swamp quest
  • Correction of title color change, do not trigger the change from the NPC
  • Correction System Messges for Village Master
  • Cleaned default AI from old methods and garbage
  • NPC pm unhardcoded to strings
  • Messages for Zones
  • Improvements for Default AI
  • Update cgm helper after rework System Messages
  • Clan WH add more info for log
  • Minor corrections for Buffer
  • Correction for give_to_party_subclass_quests
  • Correction for Nick Color
  • Correction for Top clan announce
  • Added top clan announce (CRP/Level based)
  • Added an announcement for the custom clan points service
  • Add solo reward for Unversal Mobs
  • Add config for custom community board PK and Karma Players
  • Correction for Bonus
  • Correction. TransformationMystic is Mystic...
  • One more corrections for Transformation mobs
  • Corrections for Universal Mobs