Update Rev. 887-790 (Dev SVN)


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  • Correct skills Sacrifice ,Bless Shield,Advanced Block,Heavy Armor Mastery,Light Armor Mastery,Holy Blessing,Aegis Stance,Vengeance,Frintezza's Necklace
  • Cursed Weapon can't use Karma Service
  • Correct Iron Will - Enchant Cost
  • Correct Song of Renewal
  • Correct Song of Champion
  • Correct Special Ability: MP Regeneration
  • Correct slots for Cloaks
  • Castel clan reputation - reward count
  • Correct Hot Spings debuffs time
  • Rework cubics + add correct checkTarget
  • Correct skill range for Seal of Rules. Update it pls
  • Correct olympiad damage calcilation for winner
  • On start olympiad match swith zone type
  • Offensive skills can't be launch before start olympiad match
  • hitCancelTime aka interupt time not modifed by mAtkSpd stat
  • Hot fix - commit 324 bug with castRange + effectiveRange
  • Correct teleport loc RB Zaken
  • Correct some Giant Cave mobs - 1/2 HP Increase
  • Correct formulas of clan reputation add from Academy
  • Add formula for In Search of Dimensional Fragments Quest - calculation drop count
  • Correct Sword Symphony - effect, power, chance
  • CH npc can interact with Player Killer
  • Correct siege announce time
  • Rework Cast/Launch for skill system + correct AltSkillUse
  • Cosmetic for MagicSkillLaunched + MagicSkillUse packetg
  • Unhardcod effectiveRange
  • Fix for Lotto Manager
  • fix GMViewPledgeInfo
  • Correct ServerType ordinal for TEST - work only if edit l2.ini and set param L2TestServer=true
  • Lost drop for Uruka
  • Add config for disable shout from olympiad npc about Teleport on arena
  • Correct Lightning Strike
  • Remove redefined
  • Correct trim
  • Correct Subclasses list for NPC race
  • Correct sublist limit
  • Imperial Staff mAtk correct
  • Rework Premium Account service - NEED update login server.jar, update services.properties for game server and account_bonus.sql . Old system is removed
  • Correct CharacterSelectInfo
  • Correct NPC PaganGuard add param canSeeInSilentMove
  • Some clean accounts.sql - minor
  • Correct skill learn for Warlock skill_tree/normal_skill_tree.xml
  • Correct skills Holy Weapon,Dark Weapon,Infernal Form,Volcano,Mass Recharge
  • Correct Day/Night spawn
  • Correct maker for Ant Nest
  • Correct target for Prophecy skills - Target one.
  • Hot Fix - duel invul bug fix
  • New AI for RB Healers
  • Correct NPC heal skills (MUST UPDATE stat/skills/4700-4799.xml)
  • Add minions for Sirra
  • Correct list type for Aklan
  • Sculpture not show dialogs
  • Correct paraliz (Augmentation chance skills)
  • Fix Intention with moving NPC
  • Full release Ice Fairy Sirr
  • Correct Tidal Wave
  • Fix Attribute applay for Servitors
  • Correct Wizard Servitor
  • Fix D -> F gm_shop.xml
  • Link on pvp event configure from admin panel
  • Update FatesWhisper quest
  • Correct request for Baium
  • Add hero for pvp events
  • Update dtd file spawn.dtd
  • Full impl Dino island + spawn time correct + move route and etc
  • Remove all old AI form core and link in NPC type
  • Add all superpointinfo from PTS server
  • Correct Noble Teleport dialogs
  • Correct teleporters Trisha and Tatiana + strings
  • Correct Vision Guardian Shakiel position for quests
  • SagaOfTheDuelist
  • SagaOfTheDominator
  • SagaOfTheGhostHunter
  • SagaOfEvasSaint
  • SagaOfTheSpectralMaster
  • SagaOfTheHellKnight
  • SagaOfTheMaestro
  • Exchange for Rafforty
  • Correct translation for Arisha
  • Rework RB Ice Fairy Sirra + enterance + zone
  • Add condition for pvp events - on_pvp_event=true or false for items
  • Add confition on bbs use on events
  • Rework siege event time on crontab , update pls files data/events/siege/
  • Correct reward for TheFinestFood
  • Add superpoint for old man + correct spawn for this
  • Remove old AI for walking npc
  • Correct mana burn system message
  • Update rout walk / npc / superpoint. see rev 286 too - datapack
  • give crown if buy noble from services
  • PK announce service
  • BBS act correct
  • Buffer correct save record
  • Newbie correct exchange with check level character
  • Add superpoint for NPC rout walk/rune
  • Correct GVG sys string
  • Correct link to equip exchange for newbie
  • Fix Beast Agit door
  • Correct sAtk task
  • Correct stat order MaxMP add not to Base stat from items.
  • Correct Summon Shadow consume
  • Add config for change rate/exp/sp/reward in quest

Quest cosmetic rework:
  1. id005 MinersFavor
  2. id006 StepIntoTheFuture
  3. id009 IntoTheCityOfHumans
  4. id020 BringUpWithLove
  5. id021 HiddenTruth
  6. id032 AnObviousLie
  7. id037 PleaseMakeMeFormalWear
  8. id042 HelpTheUncle
  9. id050 LanoscosSpecialBait
  10. id051 OFullesSpecialBait
  11. id052 WilliesSpecialBait
  12. id053 LinnaeusSpecialBait
  13. id107 MercilessPunishment
  14. id118 ToLeadAndBeLed
  15. id168 DeliverSupplies
  16. id215 TrialOfPilgrim
  17. id217 TestimonyOfTrust
  18. id218 TestimonyOfLife
  19. id224 TestOfSagittarius
  20. id230 TestOfSummoner
  21. id232 TestOfLord
  22. id233 TestOfWarspirit
  23. id234 FatesWhisper
  24. id235 MimirsElixir
  25. id241 PossessorOfaPreciousSoul1
  26. id242 PossessorOfaPreciousSoul2
  27. id246 PossessorOfaPreciousSoul3
  28. id247 PossessorOfaPreciousSoul4
  29. id320 BonesTellFuture
  30. id337 AudienceWithLandDragon
  31. id348 ArrogantSearch
  32. id374 WhisperOfDreams1
  33. id375 WhisperOfDreams2
  34. id402 PathToKnight
  35. id503 PursuitClanAmbition
  36. id607 ProveYourCourage
  37. id608 SlayTheEnemyCommander
  38. id613 ProveYourCourage
  39. id614 SlayTheEnemyCommander
  40. id631 DeliciousTopChoiceMeat
  41. id639 GuardiansOfTheHolyGrail
  42. id640 TheZeroHour
  43. id641 AttackSailren
  44. id645 GhostsOfBatur
  45. id650 ABrokenDream

  • Correct item condition parser
  • Remove hardcode - move to data
  • New cond stat add
  • Correct Cursed Weapons
  • Add possibility upgrade strider in Elite CH
  • Correct Punch of Doom - stuned
  • Correct Focus Attack - act
  • Correct Touch of Death - act 75% HP
  • Correct Spirit of Sagittarius - add stack type
  • Correct character classes stat HP MP CP - just update lvlupgain.sql
  • Rework sub class limit to AltSubLimit
  • Add new WTF?? system AltTransferSubSkillsToMain
  • Remove deprecated configs
  • ATTENTION ! Rework all procedures for character remove from database on the fly.If you notice anomalies in the disappearance of an item! immediately write to me
  • Some spawn correct
  • Add .clan - command for maintenance access to CWH
  • Correct description Frintezza enterance quest
  • Correct level for enter to Frintezza Tomb
  • Correct Pushkin custom function
  • Correct teleportation dialog for Arisha and Stanislava (upd strings too)
  • Add lost dialog for Adventure
  • Add config for disable SSQ and Welcome message to chat on enter world
  • Adapt SLOT_FORMAL_WEAR for custom sets
  • Correct stat cond parser
  • Correct Hero cond
  • Correct FORMAL_WEAR
  • Correct SLOT prior
  • Correct duration time for Cursed Weapons
  • Add fake name for Akamanah and Zariche
  • Correct Phys / Mage Mirrors
  • Add rate for event Christmas
  • Separate clan slots - Royal and Academy
  • Correct init point on new seasson start
  • Add config for Premium - item reward
  • unchecked drop remove
  • Auto Potion correct for MP
  • Add one more logs
  • Correction of the display equipment for GM
  • Correction invitation message to friends
  • Correct Purification Field, Miracle
  • Correct olympiad points calc now C5 1/3 - 30% , now IT 1/5 - 25%
  • Alt use Buff stick from physic skills too
  • Correct wedding manager
  • Add lost strings_ru.properties for Undead Band Master
  • Correct char_template for fmail characters. Items add
  • Config for disable additional MP consume for Song/Dance
  • "Correct" condition Cruma Teleport.
  • Correct character PvPFlag state
  • Correct all TARGET_AREA_AIM_CORPSE skills, now corpse decoy (simple: Corpse Burst)
  • Correct formula mpConsume2 for Music buffs and etc + config
  • Remove old sub-systems
  • Correct some town guards. Do not forget upload dialogs and npc
  • Remove old sql tables
  • Additional correct for Four Sepulcher spawn Key Box
  • Formulas config for ManaDam aka Mana Burn skills
  • Correct some translation in strings_en.properties
  • Correct A Powerful Primeval Creature quest drop from Ancient Eggs - 60% offlike
  • Correct bypass to enchant for Spoiler
  • Add new condtition for check hero true/false
  • Remove hardcode for use item conditions, move to datapack
  • Add condition for exlude skill use on caster
  • Correct Battle Force and Spell Force

Example: https://image.zone-game.info/images/2015/12/05/oNriG.png
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items6` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items5`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items7` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items6`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items8` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items7`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items9` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items8`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items10` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items9`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items11` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items10`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items12` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items11`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items13` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items12`;
ALTER TABLE `char_templates` ADD COLUMN `items14` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `items13`;
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