News Announce Lucera2 Multiprotocol

Welcome, dear guests and customers of the Lucera2 project!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product - Multiprotocol, which allows you to play on one server using both the old client and the new Classic client. There are no issues with the functionality of both clients - all the features of the classic client remain available, as well as alternative options in the old client.

Additionally, we have launched a test server where you can check all the functionality. To do this, you need to download the Interlude patch or the Classic client and change the address in the l2.ini file from to

Currently, the Interlude and Classic protocol is available, and in the future, the 306 Return of Queen Ant protocol branch will be added. In general, the multiprotocol system allows the addition of any additional protocols and subsystems without limitations, which will simplify not only our development process but also provide more modern content to your players while maintaining the universality of the old client and protocol. This is particularly important in regions where new gaming equipment is not widely available, allowing you to expand your player base.

The Classic and Legacy forum sections have been merged, and a new Lucera 2 Multiprotocol section has been added, where all discussions on this branch will take place.

The cost of the Multiprotocol branch is 220 USD. If you own both Interlude and Classic/Legacy branches, you can merge them into one Multiprotocol for free. The support cost remains unchanged - 20 USD. The opportunity to purchase will be available after completing the minor subsystem integrations described above, which is expected in approximately a week.


With respect, the Lucera2 team!
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