How to make Raid Boss which will give Hero Status and the noble.


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The first that you have to make - to include an option in

# Allow custom hero status / Issuance of a custom heroism after the kill RB type HeroAndNoblessRewarder
AltAllowCustomHero = True
# Time Expire of Custom Hero status (in hours)
CustomHeroExpireTime = 24
We take in an example Flame of Splendor Barakiel
<npc id="25325" name="Flame of Splendor Barakiel" title="Raid Boss">
  <set name="aggroRange" value="0"/>
  <set name="ai_type" value="Fighter"/>
  <set name="baseAtkRange" value="40"/>
  <set name="baseCON" value="57"/>
  <set name="baseCritRate" value="40"/>
  <set name="baseDEX" value="73"/>
  <set name="baseHpMax" value="562442"/>
  <set name="baseHpRate" value="1"/>
  <set name="baseHpReg" value="117.684"/>
  <set name="baseINT" value="76"/>
  <set name="baseMAtk" value="1190"/>
  <set name="baseMAtkSpd" value="3819"/>
  <set name="baseMDef" value="764"/>
  <set name="baseMEN" value="80"/>
  <set name="baseMpMax" value="1345.8"/>
  <set name="baseMpReg" value="2.7"/>
  <set name="basePAtk" value="4077"/>
  <set name="basePAtkSpd" value="253"/>
  <set name="basePDef" value="1412"/>
  <set name="baseRunSpd" value="190"/>
  <set name="baseSTR" value="60"/>
  <set name="baseShldDef" value="0"/>
  <set name="baseShldRate" value="0"/>
  <set name="baseWIT" value="70"/>
  <set name="baseWalkSpd" value="50"/>
  <set name="collision_height" value="30.0"/>
  <set name="collision_radius" value="8.0"/>
  <set name="level" value="70"/>
  <set name="rewardExp" value="4135550"/>
  <set name="rewardRp" value="2884"/>
  <set name="rewardSp" value="777993"/>
  <set name="shots" value="NONE"/>
  <set name="texture" value=""/>
  <set name="type" value="RaidBoss"/>
  <rhand item_id="6717"/>
  <!--Monster Only(Einhasad Warrior)-->
  <minion npc_id="25326" count="1"/>
  <!--Barakiel's Disciple-->
  <minion npc_id="25327" count="1"/>
  <!--Barakiel's Acolyte-->
  <skill id="4045" level="1"/>
  <!--Resist Full Magic Attack-->
  <skill id="4188" level="7"/>
  <skill id="4190" level="7"/>
  <!--Decrease MP-->
  <skill id="4192" level="7"/>
  <!--BOSS HP Drain-->
  <skill id="4408" level="1"/>
  <!--HP Increase (1x)-->
  <skill id="4409" level="1"/>
  <!--MP Increase (1x)-->
  <skill id="4410" level="11"/>
  <!--Average P. Atk.-->
  <skill id="4411" level="11"/>
  <!--Average M. Atk.-->
  <skill id="4412" level="11"/>
  <!--Average P. Def.-->
  <skill id="4413" level="11"/>
  <!--Average M. Def.-->
  <skill id="4414" level="2"/>
  <!--Standard Type-->
  <skill id="4415" level="4"/>
  <!--One-handed Sword-->
  <skill id="4416" level="8"/>
  <skill id="4494" level="1"/>
  <!--Raid Boss-->
  <skill id="4913" level="1"/>
  <!--Raid Boss - Level 70-->
  <defence attribute="fire" value="0"/>
  <defence attribute="water" value="0"/>
  <defence attribute="wind" value="0"/>
  <defence attribute="earth" value="0"/>
  <defence attribute="holy" value="0"/>
  <defence attribute="unholy" value="0"/>
  <rewardlist type="RATED_GROUPED">
  <group chance="88.8576">
  <reward item_id="5312" min="1" max="1" chance="10.1358"/>
  <reward item_id="5528" min="140" max="420" chance="5.713"/>
  <reward item_id="5527" min="81" max="243" chance="9.8743"/>
  <reward item_id="5495" min="40" max="120" chance="25.396"/>
  <reward item_id="5317" min="1" max="1" chance="10.1358"/>
  <reward item_id="5315" min="1" max="1" chance="14.4641"/>
  <reward item_id="6570" min="1" max="1" chance="17.3435"/>
  <reward item_id="6578" min="1" max="1" chance="6.9375"/>
  <group chance="75.0">
  <reward item_id="8172" min="1" max="3" chance="33.3334"/>
  <reward item_id="8176" min="3" max="9" chance="33.3333"/>
  <reward item_id="8619" min="1" max="1" chance="33.3333"/>

And we change the field <set name="type" value="RaidBoss"/> on <set name="type" value="HeroAndNoblessRewarder"/>

Conditions for obtaining HERO - you have to be in a party, you have to be not farther than a distance 1500 and to be on the MAIN class and not less 75th level