Update Rev.11966


Head Developer
Staff member
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR PACKETFILTER! Update packetfilter.xml
  • Add mute chat zone. Guide: https://lucera2.com/threads/how-to-add-no-chat-zone.3080/
  • Add new param for multisell which can be called without reference to the NPC: <config showall="true" notax="false" keepenchanted="false" no_merchant="true"/> param name no_merchant="true" by default false
  • Added a new type of monsters and bosses for the pvp flag at the start of the attack <set name="type" value="FlaggingOnHitMob"/> and <set name="type" value="FlaggingOnHitBoss"/>
  • Add auto open box service
  • lil correct zones
  • Add currency config for AutoLoot Adena
  • Correct clan dialog
  • correct quest Dig Up The Sea Of Spores
  • One more correction for karma lost with Cursed Weapon
  • lil correct for manufacture packets
  • Add config for char hold in jail
  • Move to strings message about jail
  • add Extra reward for quests
  • Added config to give additional rewards\exp\sp for the quest. After adding, check for yourself, not all quests give out a reward for completion, in some places I extended it when exchanging quest items!
  • lil rework for quest_reward
  • Correct items consume for Title Color and Nick Color
  • Correct for Item Skill: Empower and Day of Doom
  • Option on .relog inside epic zone
  • Correct and return back event Pumpkin
  • Correct quest reward for Long Livethe Paagrio Lord
  • Config description correct
  • Added the ability to disable the user agreement when logging into the server. NEED TO UPDATE both servers (auth and game)
  • Correction of config for the minimum clan level for the war
  • Correction of admin dialogue for clans
  • Add clan subunit price to config
  • Door open fix for Aida CH
  • Move from PTS Quest Long Live the Paagrio Lord