Update Rev.12053


Head Developer
Staff member
  • Record bots: Fix use shots, fix save toggle skills, fix ecnhant view
  • On PK we do all the checks not only for weapons, but in general for all worn items. If there is a condition on PK, remove any items that have this сond.
  • added admin command for set augmentation //set_aug AugmentId1 AugmentId2 Target
  • Add some params for welcome.htm https://lucera2.com/threads/additional-options-for-welcome-htm.3211/
  • Fixed custom mod stat when working with fake apperance item
  • Added the ability to disable custom stat modifer at the Olympiad
  • We do not send announce about the beginning and end of the Olympiad if it is turned off
  • Add GM command //remove_aug
  • Lil rework gs2as communicator
  • lil correct for Mystic AI
  • Rewrite Rune Castle Boss AI
  • Correction default params for summons
  • Config for accruing PvP points when killing an enemy summon
  • Rewrite AdventureBoss AI
  • Fixed updating penalties for grading on subclass change
  • Correction ExtraReward for quest Rise And Fall Of The Elroki Tribe
  • Add to Gm commands //setcolortitle
  • Lost parameter in the admin panel for set PK kills. Added.
  • Add set Pk for admin
  • Русские диалоги для квеста Repent Your Sins
  • lil correct for Pet Instance
  • Remove old code about crystallization
  • Rework crystallize
  • Now you can specify your item for crystallization: https://lucera2.com/threads/how-to-specify-your-item-for-crystallization.3142/
  • Rework disable EULA
  • Fix Merchant Gatekeeper for Rune castle
  • Add config for Hero service
  • Rework for GM Packets
  • Add config for HeroSell, allow buy on sub
  • Correction for char block, do not block commands starting with .
  • Fix for canAddItem check limits
  • Add info to auctioneer about AoE skills
  • Add clan subunit price to config
  • Correction of config for the minimum clan level for the war
  • Correction of admin dialogue for clans
  • Config description correct
  • Correct and return back event Pumpkin
  • Option on .relog inside epic zone