Update Rev.12244


Head Developer
Staff member
  • Implemented teleportation service and announcement to raid bosses
  • The issue of resurrection window disappearing after videos on Antharas and Valakas has been fixed
  • Added a reward for the losing team in PvP events and in the event of a tie.
  • Added the ability to apply buffs upon resurrection
  • Moved configs from the //pvpevent panel to events.properties :
  • Implemented an IP registration restriction
  • Implemented an HWID registration restriction
  • Set a minimum number of kills required to receive a reward
  • Awarded hero status to top player
  • Fixed a rare issue where Zaken would teleport to the city after the player
  • Fixed an issue where mobs could teleport to the peace zone after you if you behind a barrier
  • Instance raids cannot spawn in the real world
  • Added a config that generally disables any ability to teleport mobs to the player (it is not recommended to disables)
  • Now if the target forgot about the player, it walks home if AlwaysTeleportHome = False
  • The system of "jumps" of mobs has been reworked if there is aggression, and the player hid behind an impenetrable barrier
  • Unhardcode Seal Stone deposit limit
  • Added the ability to add custom skills when getting a premium account
  • Correction on_fail="NONE" closing the enchant window
  • Cosmetic for premium skills
  • Reworked recalculation of premium skills and display correction when changing sub classes
  • lil correct for Clan Buff service
  • Added multiple reward option for siege rewards. Example:
<parameter name="on_siege_end_attacker_owned_leader_reward" value="4037:1;57:100000" />
<parameter name="on_siege_end_defender_owned_leader_reward" value="4037:2;57:200000" />​
  • Extend item_id at items_delayed.sql to INT
  • Default param for l2top is 0
  • Lil correct for DBMS in l2top manager
  • With the AltAllowSubClassForCustomItem option enabled, it will not ask for items if player completed the subclass quest on their own
  • Fix quest Whisper Of Dreams 1
  • Variaton Service now can be used not only from NPC
  • Correct quest Curse Of Underground Fortress
  • Removed hardcoded craft skill learning in player class
  • Remove old data from json resource
  • Add max level condition for Promo Code system
  • Fix SpRate for quest_rate.properties
  • lil correct for DefaultAI
  • Correction of parameter settings for PvPEvents
  • Expanded the altrecbot skills field to an INT
  • Added a new group for disabling drop. Example: <rewardlist type="DISABLED">
  • Removed hardcoding from the recall effect.
  • Moved from PTS quest Spirit Of Mirror
  • Moved from PTS quest Path To Oracle
  • Quest dialogue correction _152_ShardsOfGolem/harry_q0152_05a.htm
  • Added bonus skill enchantment for Premium account
  • Small correct for SpiritOfMirror quest
  • Forgotten default parameter has been added for the skill enchant bonus
  • Added the forgotten multisell for Rafforty
  • Clearing old data
  • The items_delayed system has been completely rewritten
  • All SQL queries have been removed from the code and converted to procedures
  • Fixed the possibility of displaying drops from treasure chests and added an additional configuration
  • Correction for On/Off Block ask teleport to boss
  • Correction Top player reward info on PvP event
  • Oops! Forgot to add the lip_ItemsDelayedAdd procedure to the database auto-update
  • The issue has been fixed whereby some messages attempted to reach non-iterable players as bots and an NPE occurred due to their lack of default language