Update Rev.13814


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[npc_%objectId%_SkillList|Learn Skills]​
[npc_%objectId%_SkillEnchantList|I want to enchant a skill.]​
[npc_%objectId%_create_clan_check|Create New Clan]​
  • Spawn modifier also affects the data in the shift click
  • Ooops. Damage interval inside Core zone 5 sec
  • Correction for Core zone and add new message
  • Another place for a listener to Enchant skills
  • Percentage of experience loss was moved from the code to a table in the configs
  • The config has been divided into the minimum level of enchantment for Pawn Shop
  • Added sub class listener for universal NPC
  • The zone limited by IP has been reworked
  • Added a system for limiting windows by IP