Update Rev. 340-270 (Dev SVN)


Head Developer
Staff member
  • some correct rabbit totem
  • Correct Spirit of Totems time + correct Rabbit Totem
  • Поправлены тотемы зверей по вермени + коррекция Зайца
  • ExpandCWH,ExpandInventory,ExpandWarehouse,Services page add for Information + for services new
  • string/strings_en.properties
  • string/strings_ru.properties
  • Do not forget update or replace 40025.htm mods/services/
  • + Some code cleaning
  • Full Fix Quest 4 Gobelen + Fix spawn after die Shadow + some typo correct. Before fine work only one room
  • Correct /partyinfo custom message
  • Buffer remove non-existent buffer_templates.sql
  • Zaken door - correct time is 5 min
  • Add logging to Raid Boss + some fixes on server reboot
  • Add reuse of clear RB zone after all inside is die
  • Add some logic to enter to Valakas + Antharas. One by one can enter if he not spawned and no respawn interval and not a sleep
  • Fix Valakas - on IT we are do not have Minions + 4 Gobilen fix + Add Clan Reputation Services + Enter in Valakas/Antharas not need party + consume items on enter
  • New system of Olympiad Sesson Calculation
  • UTF-8 to config clan.properties
  • Limit clan members passed in config + remove duplicate insert SA to Item ID 288 in Pushkin
  • if extension is empty - load server
  • Extension impl - public guide soon
  • Added config. Who do not advise anyone to drop less than 333 - creates specific logs on the client. Especially in Mass PvP
  • Full Fix Village Masters list of Sub Classes on Type - like Priest or Mage or Physic. + correct buff level - buffer_templates.sql
  • PvP/Battle Zone fix - normal condition on attack clan or party member
  • Full PTS formula of bow reuse and stat of atk_reuse + clan service level up + new config for it
  • Community buffer add. Old is removed
  • Reworked farm animals - a new table with the participation of branching class caster cultivate monster.Offlike + config/default/services.properties add Min level for Nobles purchase
  • Fix regeneration mana on hit for orc classes
  • Target Corps for skill id 1334
  • Упс, на ИТ 1334 вызивается с трупа
  • GS: some update Buffer item
  • Default geodata is l2g - Lucera 3 Crypted Geo by Deazer buildzone generation
  • Oly: reuse skill after teleport + on teleport back + Oly competition time 5 min C5 + restor MP CP HP on Begin (fucking bullsh1t offlike before 5 sec)
  • Ups: Fix oly start condition
  • Add buffer system message strings_en.properties strings_ru.properties
  • Add Clan Selling Cycle to config - in hours
  • Fixed message when you reset the item is sharpened
  • + Small correction messages
  • Fixed: Now it is possible to heal enemy through Ctrl + Shift on oli.Vremya teleport into the arena, training, healing just before the fight and buffs + new baffer be sure to update html-en / mods / buffer
  • Added a number of configs.
  • New parameters in capsule_items
  • A number of changes relating to spawn in the nucleus.
  • The new licensing system