Update Rev. 573-380 (Dev SVN)


Head Developer
Staff member
  • Add some cosmetic to Antharas
  • Correct Valakas AI. Fix issue when he starting jump if target to have high Z
  • New zone type like Siege - type="fun"
  • Test files for updates
  • exeute files correct for updates
  • Old folders remove
  • Rework SQL data + add maintenance support files
  • New Event for fast adding drop for mobs
  • Code move from Class Master NPC to data/strings
  • Fix issus when w/o Ctrl push cant attack clan mate on oly
  • Correct Oly Observation
  • Config for clan cost level uo + skill Lure correct
  • Config for delay pickup items non owner from Raid
  • Close second layer. Valakas Layer
  • Handlers for statistic
  • Flame of Invincibility correct target and conditions for Spells recharging
  • Rework network selector thread
  • Correct Rainbow Spirit siege
  • Developmer settings correct
  • Epic Zone condition rework.
  • Relise GvG event and zones/strings/configs/NPC
  • Zaken door opening Log
  • Correct Item Crystal Count
  • Add custom spawn and NPC PvP Event Manager
  • Move recipe data from SQL to XML
  • Config for Frtintezza dangeon pass time - offlike 35 min
  • New command for teleportation full party to GM point //recall_party <PL Name>
  • Full rework Frintezza, Relese Fritezza Arrow , Demon Blood.
  • Add sort character on one IP
  • Correct drop viewe from Shift Click
  • Config for adding Block Buff skill to all characters
  • Release Vervato NPC - teleportation function
  • Fresh domain zones
  • Correct map view from Auction Manager
  • fortress of resistance correct IT
  • Valakas Skill call correct (remove NPE)
  • Add static time respawn for mobs and RB on CronTab (Manual in Wiki)
  • Forest of the Dead correct
  • Fix Devasted Castle
  • Fix Charm of Courage
  • Fix Drop List show on Shift+Click
  • Add function set to skills <set name="isIgnorBuffLimit" val="true"/>
  • Correct:
  • Summon Attractive Cubic ,Aura of Hate,Aggression,Sweeper,Entangle,Ultimate Defense,Ultimate Evasion,Corpse Life Drain,Freezing Skin,Hurricane,Servitor Empowerment
  • Correct Alt+B Buffer
  • Correct Quest In The Name Of Evil Part
  • Correct Shift+Click on drop viewy
  • Correction lameguardhelper-1.0.jar
  • Stuck Correct
  • Correct Eye of Pa'agrio
  • Skills stats correct 3500-3599.xml
  • Correct all Prophecy Skills + code clean + Celestial like skills do not stop effect if use some alt skill
  • Add config for char rename regexp condition
  • Delux Key fix - remove cond list
  • Correct Valakas geo
  • Snipe skill correct
  • Ultimate Defection Visual Movement Correct
  • Correct Quest Clan Reputation
  • Correct Frozen Labyrinth location
  • Add config of level up debuff in Hot Springs (like Malaria etc.)
  • Relies Hot Springs debuff cleans in SPA + abnormal for Snipe + some correct for Bane Type skills
  • Flames of Invincibility do not cancel on some alt use
  • Fixed the ability to purchase remote NPC
  • Add config for selling modification price
  • Typo character_subclasses.sql
  • Relies ACP services from .acp command - config/services.properties
  • Add Enable spawn custom NPC from services.properties
  • Clean some sub systems from not used code
  • Remove not useble dialogs
  • Some cosmetic for custom NPC 40000-40099.xml
  • Correct items functions on items > 9000
  • Correct Charm of Courage (on IT only exp lost restore) w/o any Resurrection after dead on siege field + Chant of Victory correct
  • Relise proxy for simple ppl do not forget update all core jar files like scripts.jar and server.jar in auth/gameserver.
Exactly need update auth database -> accounts:​
alter table accounts drop column points;
alter table accounts drop column email_activ_code;
alter table accounts drop column email_activated;
alter table accounts drop column ident_code;
alter table accounts drop column ban_time_ipsys;
alter table accounts drop column user_id;
alter table accounts drop column pinCode;
  • Party condition for AOE skills in battle zone (aka pvp zone)
  • Add custom config for configuration main currency for bid or bid up for clan auction
  • Correct paralysis items skills and triggers
  • Add new hero sell services. New format of input PvP events reward. Command for edit //pvpevent
  • Raid Boss spawn announce
  • Some correct with NPC reward status
  • Add config to char level after get subclass
  • Fix Paralysis cubic debuff state.
  • Fix Ogre Spirit Totem
  • Add limit enchant item level on Olympiad Event
  • Correct raid save - remove from shutdown save + corrects Antharas & Valakas AI
  • Save state of zaket to raid boss table instances
  • Zaken door cant unlock some user from skill or key ><
  • forgotten bypass >< services
  • Lil correct Queen Ant minion re-spawn time and correct count of Ant Nurse + some correct aggressive mobs params
  • Fixed IT. No need to keep yourself in target for that would look at the statistics of the Olympiad /olympiadstat
  • Add Augmentation Seller to Service Manager. Do not forget check variation_sell_service_template.sql
  • Remove some procedure from repair
  • Added configuration to the minimum level to buy a clan Clan Hall + Fixed problem with calculating points Olympiad, under certain conditions + added commands to generate spawn on the fly with the data output to the console -
  • //spawn_loc
  • //spawn_pos
  • Just ask Wiki content to watch content that would not be bad matters
  • on IT all Scrolls not stackable
  • Added ability to add enchant_items.xml how much one step will sharpening - setting increment = "" you can do that at once sharpener 1 step 5, or as much as necessary.
  • Added description of all GM teams - under //admin > Server > GM Commands + their description.
  • Respawn RB converted to atomic operations. Resolves an issue with spawn interval. In some cases, the mythical had the opportunity to fill up the database respawn interval of 0 and they could appear after the restart.
  • Correct Shift+Click on SWEEP + normal view of Herbs
  • Fake Death MP consume normal init
  • Нормально снимается МП за использование скила Fake Death
  • Limit Max HP / Limit Max CP / Limit Max MP formulas over add + Rate for Seven Sign Stones (Red Seal Stone/Blue/Green) on one + Add Paging for Drop view ! DO NOT FORGET Update rewardlist_info.htm
  • One more rework beast farm. I think its final revision